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Meet &SISTERS by Mooncup

This is period care with nothing to hide. This is period care that doesn’t cost the earth. This is period care that puts you first.

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Our mission

It’s more than time for a menstrual health revolution. We’re taking on plastic & irritant ridden mainstream period care. One tampon at a time.

We only use the highest quality, natural ingredients and carry out continuous testing and improvement of our products.
We’re doing everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of period products and only use the most earth-friendly ingredients and processes out there.
We’re campaigning for more funding & better care for our menstrual health.
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Our Values


Menstrual health has been left behind, with products and policies that aren't optimised for our health. We design all of our products with clinical research in mind, focusing on creating the best possible health outcomes, and advocate for research that closes the gender health gap.

Pro Choice

From abortion rights to choosing between compostable and reusable period care, we believe in your rights to the best menstrual health for you, without compromise. We are committed to using our voice for choice and designing products and services that fulfil all individual needs.

Climate Conscious

We are in a climate emergency and the plastic waste from healthcare is a large contributor. Period care alone is responsible for more plastic waste on European beaches than plastic bags. We believe in sustainability by-design, which is why we are committed members of B-Corp.

Dignity for All

Menstrual health products and services are essential and we believe access should be universal. We are working to create accessible products that meet our high standards of product efficacy & sustainability and partner with public and private organisations to provide free menstrual health care for those who need it most.

Menstrual Health

Underresearched. Underfunded. Under Regulated. We open the lid on all things menstrual health.

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Our Impact

No more plastic & bleach ridden periods. See inside the world’s most ethical period care.

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Meet The Team

Say hello to the team behind the (tampon) veil.

Team Member AS
Team Member AS
Favourite Product: the mooncup® beginner
Fun Fact: I didn't get my first period until I was 17!


Team Member AS
Team Member AS
Favourite Product: remüvie
Fun Fact: I once competed in tennis in the Commonwealth games!


Team Member AS
Team Member AS
Favourite Product: liners
Fun Fact: I used to compete in archery competitions.


Head of Operations
Team Member AS
Team Member AS
Favourite Product: pads with wings
Fun Fact: I have chronic pins & needles.


Marketing Lead
Team Member AS
Team Member AS
Favourite Product: applicator tampons
Fun Fact: I also teach the team power yoga & poetry!


Head of Sales & Partnerships
Team Member AS
Team Member AS
Favourite Product: period pants
Fun Fact: I am the winner of 5 consecutive pumpkin carving competitions.


Content & Community Manager

Code red. We need to talk periods.

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