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Research-led. Pro-choice. Climate conscious. Dignity for all. Period. We take our values as seriously as we take our cycles, from action against period poverty to the materials in our tampons strings.


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Find out what impact we made in 2022 and our plans for the future.

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1,593,294 kgs

of plastic we’ve prevented from going to landfill…


It’s bananas.

Did you know that a pack of mainstream period pads contain the equivalent plastic of five plastic bags? This waste piles up and lives in landfill forever.

Not ours. &SISTERS by Mooncup® organic cotton pads, tampons & liners biodegrade faster than a banana.

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We're B Corp certified.

Here at &SISTERS by Mooncup® we’re proud to be a part of the B Corp community, joining businesses like Patagonia, Abel & Cole and The Body Shop.

What is a B Corp?

B Corps are a group of companies and social enterprises that strive for better in terms of how they treat their team, their planet and the people in it. B Corps are guided not by profit, but to make the world a better place. They are businesses with a conscience.

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Our Impact Partners

At &SISTERS by Mooncup®, we’re not here just to offer period products. We strongly believe no one should ever be held back by their period, no matter where they are in the world. We work with many women's and domestic abuse refuges and charities such as the eXXpedition where we join forces to find solutions to reducing plastic and toxic pollution in our ocean with the hope of improving the lives of people across the world.

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Your questions answered

B-Corps are a group of companies & social enterprises that strive for better in terms of how they treat their team, the planet & the people in it. By joining B-Corp, we committed to being guided not just by profit but to make the world a better place - a business with a conscience.

To become a B-Corp certified business, we volunteered to assess everything from water usage to HR policies, to be held up to the highest standards of social & environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. After this process, we were given a score based on our performance (which can be found in the B-Corp directory).

Read more about why we became a B-Corp.

We’re part of the 1% for the planet community and pledge to donate at least 1% of income annually to non-profits worldwide. Every year, we choose a number of causes to support, if you’d like to be a part in that decision make sure you sign up to our newsletter.

If you’re part of a charitable organisation and would like to work with us, please get in touch! You can email us

Did you know that mainstream period care is made up of up to 95% plastic? That’s about 5 plastic bags per pack of pads. Not only is plastic unnecessary in period care, it also means it ends up in landfill forever (in fact, 1 in 5 plastics found on a UK beach is a tampon).

Plastic can also play havoc with your vaginal health. The plastic used in mainstream pads is not breathable or hypoallergenic, so not only will you experience that sweaty pad feeling, but it can also create a perfect warm & moist environment that bacteria can thrive in and cause infections. 

Do you think tampons are plastic free? Think again. Lots of mainstream brand tampons are made with microplastics and don’t feature any protective tampon veils, so you’re vulnerable to these particles staying inside of you and (yep, you guessed it) potentially cause infections. 

In our period care, you won’t find any plastic. At all. From our organic cotton pads & tampons and reusable Mooncups & pants to our packaging & cornstarch wrapping.

We believe your period doesn’t need to cost the earth. Our reusable period care saves thousands of products from landfill and our organic cotton range biodegrades faster than a banana - yep, we timed it -  so making the small swap to &SISTERS by Mooncup period care, you’ll be making a big difference.

Our entire range of period care has been designed to be as sustainable as possible. Our reusable period care range instantly helps you save products from ending up in landfill and our organic cotton pads, tampons & liners biodegrade within 18 months. So, no matter which period care is right for you, with &SISTERS by Mooncup you’re having the most sustainable period possible.

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