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What to expect when you first use period pants

What to expect when you first use period pants

Thinking about making the swap to a pair of nüdie period pants? Fantastic news! You’re probably curious about how it’ll go when you try them for the first time, well we sat down with one of our nüdie customers, Aimee a writer & mum of one from Essex, who tried, tested & told us all about her first experience of going nüdie for the very first time...



“I’d always been curious about swapping to reusable period care. I’m not a fan of tampons so I knew that menstrual cups weren’t for me. I was so pleased when I found out that period pants were a thing!”



Try your nüdie pants on

“They looked so different from what I’d imagined (basically a nappy) and I was curious how well they were going to work when they looked just like my regular pants. I found the sizing was spot on! I’m a size 12 so the M-L fits perfectly.”

When you first receive your brand-new nüdie pants give them a quick try on. They should fit snug & be comfortable, here’s our handy size guide for nüdie period pants:

XS-S – UK Size 6-8 (Hip Size 86-94cm)

S-M – UK Size 10-12 (Hip Size 94-102cm)

M-L – UK Size 12-14 (Hip Size 102-110cm)

L-XL- UK Size 14-16 (Hip Size 110-118cm)

They do run a tad on the smaller size, to ensure you’re secure & leak-free. We don’t recommend sizing up unnecessarily.

holding period pants

Wash your nüdie pants ready for your next period

Before your next period arrives, make sure you give them their first wash. Give them a quick rinse with cold water and then pop into the washing machine or wash by hand and then let them air dry. For the full lowdown, read our guide to washing nüdie period pants

Wear your nüdie pants!

“I won’t lie, I was nervous about wearing them for the first time. I tested them out on a weekend when I knew I wouldn’t be out and about feeling self conscious all day but there was absolutely no need! It felt strangely wonderful that I was on my period and not weighed down by a heavy pad! I went about my day as normal and didn’t feel like I was on my period at all (apart from the cramps!)”

Still curious about how nüdie period pants work? Spoiler alert: they work just like your regular pants but with a super absorbent secret, 3D anti-leak technology combining three layers of breathable organic cotton. And if you’ve got other thoughts like are period pants are hygienic? (yep) or do period pants smell? (nope), our other blogs have you covered. 

Our nüdie Period Pants can be worn for up to 10 hours and are most suited to a medium flow, so if you’re having a particularly heavy day you may find you’ll need to change. 

wearing nudie pants

Rinse them

“This was the bit I was most nervous about - I’m a bit squeamish! But once I had the water running and remembered that I’d given birth so blood is definitely nothing to be scared or embarrassed about, it wasn’t a big deal at all. Now I’m a bit of a pro, it’s just part of my nüdie routine. Beginners tip: I sometimes rinse them out in the shower, it felt a lot less stressful the first few times!”

Why do you need to rinse out our nüdie pants before washing? This ensures that any dried blood or excess fluid is removed before you pop them into the washing machine. Quick reminder: your menstrual blood is not dirty or dangerous. 

rinsing period pants

Wash them

“The easiest bit! I was surprised that I could throw them in the machine with the rest of my washing - with a little one running around my machine is usually on - it’s really made the transition to reusable period care that bit easier.”

It’s best to wash your nüdie pants as soon as possible after you’re finished them for the day, this will ensure they stay in tiptop condition. You can simply pop them into the washing machine (or by hand) with the rest of your washing! Just remember: wash at 40 and don’t use any fabric conditioner or dry with a tumble dryer. Don’t worry, blood won’t stain the rest of your washing either. 

Leave your nüdie Period Pants to air dry and you’ll be ready to go for your next period!

drying nudie pants


“Now I’ve built up my confidence, they’re my go-to period care. Whether I’m at work, at the gym, running around after my daughter or travelling. You know what else was a game changer? When I slept in them for the first time. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good sleep whilst on my period!”

Life in the nüdie really is that simple. 

Who suits period pants best? Absolutely everyone. Whether you have irregular periods or you want to swap to reusable period care, you’ve just had a baby or you’ve just started your first period, nüdie Period Pants are for everyone. 

reusable period pants

Don’t miss our beginners guide to period pants for even more information on nüdie period pants and if you have any questions drop us a message

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