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Free Shipping When You Spend £20 or More!
Free Shipping When You Spend £20 or More!


Supporting Our Sisters

From The Beginning

A sister's first period is a significant milestone in her life and isn't always an enjoyable one! Our co-founders, Lucy & Claire, designed the &SISTERS First Period Pack to make it as easy, comfortable and stress-free as possible!
By Sisters, For Sisters

Every Step Of The Way

Periods are personal and every sister's experience of them is unique. Our extensive range of plastic-free products are available to purchased in a wide range of pack sizes and absorbances to help you curate the perfect period care package depending on your flow, cycle and stage of life.

Official &SISTERS stockists

We Need To Talk. Period.

If we want positive change, we need open, honest conversations. We lift the lid on all things female health with the help of some diverse and inspiring sisters in our blog.