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FREE shipping when you spend over £20

remüvie™ Blood, Baby & Bladder Stain Remover


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Meet the penetrating foam action formula ready to bust your blood, bladder & baby stains. Perfect for rescuing mattresses, clothes and carpets from accidental leaks & stains. 

Because leaks happen, but stains don’t have to.

remüvie™ & The Planet

remüvie™ foam is derived from 100% sustainable & plant-based sources & is 100% biodegradable.
The remüvie™ bottle (excluding the lid) is made from 100% recycled ocean plastic.
&SISTERS donates 1% of annual sales to environmental initiatives globally.

Scent & Ingredients

remüvie™ is fragrance-free to be kind to your skin.
Free of ammonia, phosphate and phosphates.
Never tested on animals.
Learn more about the contents of remüvie™ here.

How to use remüvie™

Patch test remüvie™ on delicates or bright colours. Spray directly onto the stain, leave for a few seconds and dab gently with a wet cloth. Wipe clean and rinse item with warm water before washing by hand or a suitable machine cycle.

What can I use remüvie™ on?

✓ Clothes
✓ Bedding
✓ Mattresses
✓ Furniture

Why did we launch remüvie™?

Blood stained white sheet

When we talk period leaks the first word that always comes up is shame. As sworn warriors against period shame we knew we had to do something about this, so we designed remüvie. Perfect for supporting you through any period leak panic.

Period leaks happen, but there are some things you can do to prevent them. Learn how to leak-proof your menstrual cycle here.

Check out our remüvie™ Intimate Stain Remover FAQs for more information