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Free Shipping When You Spend £20 or More!
Free Shipping When You Spend £20 or More!

Our Story

Lucy and Claire &Sisters founders

As our name suggests, there is more than one woman behind our company, &SISTERS is the brainchild of daughter and mother duo Lucy and Claire Lettice.

Having experienced, first-hand, the shame and hardship that comes with lack of access to safe period products, they decided to take action. Drawing on Claire’s entrepreneurial background and Lucy’s expertise as a buyer, they dreamt up a model for a new kind of conscious period product - one that was better for our bodies, better for our planet and better for our sisters- genuinely helping the fight against period poverty.

&SISTERS is on a mission to reimagine the future of female health, starting with safe, sustainable and beautifully designed period products. The business is built on three main pillars:

Better for our bodies

We’re totally transparent about our products, our ingredients and our production processes.

We only use the best ingredients – we’re always testing and improving our products to give you quality period protection.

Better for our planet

We’re dedicated to using the most earth-friendly ingredients and processes out there.

We help you help the planet – we’re doing everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of period products.

Better for our sisters

We’re on a mission to ensure that our sisters are never held back by their period.

10% of our profits support women’s health, education and economic empowerment across the globe.