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FREE shipping when you spend over £20

nüdie Period Pants


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Meet nüdie. Our super comfy & super absorbent period pants. Featuring gentle & hypoallergenic organic cotton, they can be worn for up to 10 hours & hold up to 4 tampons worth of menstrual fluid.
  • 4 heavy tampon absorbency with 10 hour wear. 
  • 100% organic cotton pH neutral top layer to support the vaginal microbiome.
  • £1.16 per period rather than the average £13. 
  • Bikini style with stretch fit waist for comfort even on bloaty days
  • Perfect for teens & tweens!
      • XS-S – UK Size 6-8 (Hip Size 86-94cm)
      • S-M – UK Size 10-12 (Hip Size 94-102cm)
      • M-L – UK Size 12-14 (Hip Size 102-110cm)
      • L-XL- UK Size 14-16 (Hip Size 110-118cm)

     Can't see your size? More sizes coming soon!

Why use period pants? 

Say goodbye to plastic menstrual waste with these zero-waste reusable game changers that prevent 400 plastic disposables ending up in landfill over their 100 wash lifetime. Pants are perfect for long days & nights, and especially those who struggle with tampons, cups or vaginal sensitivities.

What are nüdie period pants made from? 

nüdie pant fabric is 96% organic cotton & 4% elastane while the absorbent core is 97% organic cotton &3% polyurethane so that our pants have a little bit of stretch and a lot of absorbency power.

How do period pants actually work?

Like a dream. Organic Period Pants work just like normal underwear but with an extra superpower- they absorb 4 tampons worth of your period so your white jeans don’t have to! Our leak-free nüdie organic pants are designed to support you through your period again and again. Just wear, wash, repeat.

Our 3D anti-leak technology combines three layers of breathable organic cotton:

How do I wash my period pants?

  • Wash before first use.
  • After every wear, rinse with cold water first. Follow by washing by hand or in a washing machine at less than 40°.
  • Do not use fabric conditioner, bleaching agents or a tumble dryer as this may alter the absorbency of the pants.

Check out our nüdie Reusable Period Pants FAQs for more information.