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Two girls on bed wearing nüdie organic period pants and cardigans

About the nüdie Period Pants

What are period pants?

Period pants or period proof underwear are pretty much what it says on the tin. Reusable period pants work just like normal underwear but with super absorbency- absorbing 4 tampons worth of your period so your white jeans don’t have to! Our leak-free nüdie pants are designed to support you through your period again and again. Just wear, wash, repeat.

How do nüdie organic period pants work?

Our super absorbent pants bring material science and nature together with three layers of organic cotton that are at once gentle, absorbent and leak-proof.

infographic showing how period pants work. Three layers of super absorbent leak proof and hypoallergenic organic cotton.

What makes nüdie period pants different from other period pants?

nüdie period pants are designed with two things in mind: vaginas and the planet. nüdie period pants have equivalent absorbency of 4 tampons with an absorbent core which curves around the posterior so that you don’t leak when you sit down or strike a pose. They are made of hypoallergenic and breathable organic cotton to keep your vagina free from sweat and nasties to prevent bacterial vaginosis and thrush- and to keep you comfy! Reusable, washable and environmental pollution free, nothing that isn’t planet-friendly.

What are nüdie organic period pants made from?

nüdie pant fabric is 96% organic cotton & 4% elastane while the absorbent core is 97% organic cotton &3% polyurethane so that our pants have a little bit of stretch and a lot of absorbency power.

Are nüdie organic period pants suitable for sensitive skin?

The best of the best for sensitive skin. Organic cotton is PH neutral and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people with skin conditions and sensitive vaginas.

How much menstrual fluid can nüdie organic period pants hold?

nüdie period pants have absorbency equivalent to 4 tampons, or somewhere between 24-72ml of menstrual fluid.

nüdie Life 

How long can I wear my nüdie organic period pants for?

Generally change your pants every 10 hours, but this does depend on your flow. If you are particularly heavy and would normally use more than four tampons a day, change more regularly, and vice versa if your flow is on the lighter side.

Can I sleep in my nüdie pants?

Absolutely! Nothing is more comfy. nüdie organic period pants are a dream to sleep in and you never have to worry about leaks, even if you roll around a lot in your sleep.

Can I use my nüdie period pants if I have an IUD/IUS?

If you are an IUD/IUS user period pants are ideal for you. Just keep an eye on your flow as you may need to change more frequently when using an IUD.

Are period pants a replacement for the rest of my period routine?

They can be. You just use period pants like normal underwear. Wear, wash, repeat. You may find you still want to use some pads and tampons as well for convenience sake and that is absolutely fine too!

Going nüdie

Can nüdie period pants be worn post-partum?

Of course! Just try a size up to make sure you are still comfortable. nüdie organic period pants are great at absorbing menstrual fluid but you may have to dispose of some clots with a tissue depending on your flow.

What size should I get for post-partum?

Just try a size up to make sure you are still comfortable- this allows a little bit more space to breathe.

What size nüdie organic period pants should I buy?

nüdie organic period pants run a tad on the small side, but this is to make sure that you are secure and leak-free so do not size up unnecessarily.

XS-S | UK Size 6-8 (Hip Size 86-94cm) 

S-M  | UK Size 10-12 (Hip Size 94-102cm)

M-L | UK Size 12-14 (Hip Size 102-110cm)

L-XL | UK Size 14-16 (Hip Size 110-118cm)

Do nüdie period pants come in plus sizes?

Keep your eyes peeled! Here at &SISTERS we are committed to inclusive period care for everyone, but we are only a little brand so we cannot extend to the full range we would love just yet. Drop us an email to let us know you are interested and you will be the first to know when our range extends.

nüdie Care

How do I wash my nüdie organic period pants?

Rinse your nüdie organic period pants with cold water before washing either by hand or a suitable machine wash under 40 degrees Celsius. Do not use fabric conditioner, bleaching agents or a tumble dryer as this affects the absorbency of the core.

What should I do if I need to replace my nüdie organic period pants whilst out in public?

Just pop your pants in a bag and wash them when you are at home or at a washing machine. Easy as 1,2,3.

How often should I replace my nüdie organic period pants?

As long as your nüdie’s absorbent core is still working they don't need replacing. Generally nüdie organic period pants last up to 4 years, but this does also depend on how frequently you wash them and generally good care. 

What happens if I order the wrong size?

Unfortunately for hygiene reasons we cannot replace or refund nüdies if you order the wrong size.