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Dried period blood on white bed sheets. How to prevent against period leaks

Sisterly Advice: Tips For Preventing Period Leaks

Period Leaks Happen. It's How We Tackle Them That Matters.

We're all about #periodpride here at &SISTERS HQ but we know they don't always make life easy. Bloating, cramps and fatigue aside, it can also be a messy time of the month. We’ve all experienced leaks on our period before - we're only human after all - but why do period leaks happen and how can you prevent them from happening?

  • Use the right absorbency for your flow

Mixed Absorbency Tampons

Your flow can vary throughout the duration of your period. Some of us experience heavier flow during the first few days that becomes lighter on the remaining days whereas others can experience light bleeding or spotting for the first few days which is followed by three to four days of heavier flow. Whilst you might not want to take a closer look at your menstrual fluid, it’s worth getting to know your flow and adapting your period care to cater to it. Opting for mixed absorbency pads or tampons can be a great way to personalise your period.

  • Switch to a menstrual cup

&SISTERS menstrual cup- nüdie period cup, reusable, lasts for up to 10 years
For some, finding the time and space to change a pad or tampon through the day or night can be difficult. If you experience a heavier flow and don’t want to risk any unexpected leaks whilst out and about, switching to a menstrual cup could be the perfect choice. The nüdie period cup is super soft and can be worn for up to 12 hours, holding the equivalent of up to 3 tampons. Designed to last up to 10 years, menstrual cups are also a planet-friendly zero-waste option.
  • Bedtime calls for extra protection

Bridget Jones Granny Pants

Just like skincare, it’s worth incorporating a night-time routine for your period care too. Some people bleed more heavily at night, and this can be due to the body being less mobile whilst asleep. To prevent leaks, we recommend wearing ultra-absorbent heavy pads and underwear that is more secure. If you are prone to leaks, embrace your inner Bridget Jones and choose underwear that is larger to protect from any night spillages. Fortunately, period protection can still feel sexy with so many gorgeous sustainable lingerie brands to choose from like Alexander Clementine and Lara Intimates.

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