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Get to know your flow (and the best products for you)

Just as no two uteruses are exactly alike, no two period flows are quite the same, either. In fact, the average menstrual flow can range from 5 mL to 80 mL per period (with the latter being bigger than a standard pour of gin!). But if you don’t quite fall in within the average range, don’t panic – all that matters is that you and your GP understand what’s normal for you.

Get to know your flow

To help you get better acquainted with your flow, we recommend either investing in a period cup, like our hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone nüdie cup, or weighing your period products before and after use. Whether you choose to weigh your period products or measure the fluid volume, note that 1mL = 1g, for easy maths!

Many people notice a heavier period for the first 1-2 days, and a lighter flow for the remainder of the period (though this can vary from person to person). Lucky for those who bleed, we offer a range of products to suit people with every flow. Our &SISTERS 100% organic cotton period products come in a range of absorbencies, from very light to heavy, and our nüdie period cup comes in three sizes. To help you understand which absorbency might work best for you, take a peek at our handy breakdown below:

  • Very light. Less than 6g per use. Perfect for spotting, the final days of a period, or for those with a very light flow.
  • Light. 6g-9g per use. Perfect for the middle stretch of your period, or for those with a light flow.
  • Medium. 9-12g per use. Perfect for the first few days of your period, or the last few days in those with a heavy flow.
  • Heavy. 12-15g per use. Perfect for the first few days of a period, or for pairing with a tampon if you’re someone with a very heavy flow.

If your flow is… very light

Those with a very light flow tend to fall on the lower end of the standard 5mL to 80mL spectrum, and if you find that your period can be managed with liners (or even nothing at all), chances are you’re someone with a very light flow.

Self care: Although those with a very light flow are less likely to suffer from period cramps, we still recommend taking it easy, especially for the first few days of your period. Keep hydrated, do some light cardio and make sure to get plenty of rest.

Your best period products: We love very light pads with wings, especially when rocking loungewear at home! They’re comfortable, discreet and measure just 18cm in length, perfect for pairing with leggings.

If your flow is… light

Many of us (even those of us with a heavy flow) can experience a light flow day from time to time. If you’re nearing the end of your period, try our light period products to see you through to the other side.

Self care: Light days are often more tolerable than heavy days, but if you experience any cramping, we recommend indulging in a hot bath, doing some restorative yoga or going for a brisk winter walk.

Your best period products: We love light pads with wings, but we equally love light eco-app tampons and light naked tampons.

If your flow is… medium

If you’ve bought ‘regular’ or ‘normal’ tampons from the supermarket in the past, you’re likely someone with a medium flow. At &SISTERS, we steer clear of this type of language, as it makes us heavy-flowed people feel ‘abnormal’ – any flow can be normal for you.

Self care: Medium flow days tend to occur at the beginning of a period, which are often accompanied by period cramps and fatigue. We recommend taking it easy, using a hot water bottle and drinking an energy-boosting smoothie laced with CBD (for extra cramp relief).

Your best period products: Depending on you, your preference and your lifestyle, we recommend trying our medium pads, medium eco-app and naked tampons, and nüdie cup on medium flow days.

If your flow is… heavy

If you’re someone with a heavy flow, chances are that you don’t need us to tell you who you are! If you’re unsure, that’s ok too – your flow is likely heavy if your flow falls on the higher end of the 5mL to 80mL spectrum, or if you find yourself soaking through heavy pads or tampons quickly.

Self care: Heavy periods tend to come with heavy cramps and more pronounced period symptoms. Try using a wheat bag to alleviate cramping, chowing down on good-for-you greens to replenish lost iron, and always be sure to chat with your GP if you have any concerns. (We also love treating ourselves to a mini Netflix binge on very heavy days.)

Your best period products: If you haven’t tried a period cup before, this could be a game changer for you – they hold more menstrual fluid than traditional pads and tampons, making them a favourite amongst those with a heavy flow. We love our nüdie cup, and we equally love our heavy pads and heavy naked tampons.

We know that understanding your flow isn’t always as simple as reading a chart. If you have any questions about the best period products for you, head over to our FAQ & Help Centre, or reach out to us directly on

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