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🩸 NEW nüdie period pants🩸 FREE nüdie t-shirt when you spend £40+ 🩸 FREE shipping over £20! 🩸

We are crowdfunding

Don't miss the opportunity to invest in &SISTERS

Due to popular demand, we are crowdfunding to offer passionate investors an opportunity to own a part of our business.

*Capital At Risk


&SISTERS is a disruptive yet conscious female focused consumer brand offering a sustainable alternative to period care.

Our mission is to build a holistic menstrual health ecosystem built by sisters, for sisters, where women and girls across the world are able to find meaningful connection through shared experiences, elevate understanding with access to expert content and address their menstrual cycle needs efficiently with a curated selection of trusted, sustainable products.

We’re excited to be opening this round of investment once again to the crowd. You can join our existing investors and become a member of our growing investor community from as little as £10.

"The FemCare market is HUGE and worth an estimated $30bn with the potential to positively impact millions of women worldwide.

Yet sadly there are 500m women globally that lack the knowledge, skills, services or products needed to manage their menstrual health and live a healthy life.

&SISTERS is here to change that!"


Lucy Lettice,

CO-Founder & COO, &SISTERS

Our Mission

&SISTERS addresses three core problems women encounter when navigating their menstrual health


Product - 80% of women are unaware mainstream brands are made from chemically bleached, man-made fibres and plastics

Experience - 54% of women find talking about their periods embarrassing

Access - 62% of women are put off going to the doctor about menstrual problems because they think it's normal


Our Journey To Date

Phase one of our growth plan has already been executed with &SISTERS retail achieving >3X growth this year with more still to come before the year is out! 

We have raised over £800k to date from industry-leading angels behind some of the fastest growing consumer brands such as Mindful Chef, Wild, The Good Club, Method and Ecover

Our experienced team come from startups and corporates such as Revolut, Farmdrop and L’Oreal offering complementary skillsets allowing us to deliver at pace, on time and at scale.

We have a number of expert advisors supporting us including FemTech Lab.

"We are now entering our most exciting phase of growth yet and raising investment to roll out phase two of our plan.

This will see us launch our exciting new community platform SISTERLY™ as well as an array of new product lines enabling &SISTERS to enter new categories, channels and markets all over the world"


Charles Cohen,


Educate. Connect. Empower.

SISTERLY™ will be a safe, inclusive space where women can share their experiences, learn from the collective wisdom of sisterhood and access safe and sustainable products, rated and reviewed by their sisters.

Our goal is to support more sisters through all stages of life so that they are able to thrive in sync with their cycle - from the very first period through to post-menopause.

Think of us as your virtual sister!

Join seasoned investors behind some of the UK's fastest growing challenger brands

Angela Barber Angel Investor in &SISTERS sustainable menstrual health brand
Mark Sorensen Angel Investor in &SISTERS sustainable menstrual health brand
Improving the lives of millions with the worlds first menstrual health ecosystem

Pre-register now for early access!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way for growing businesses to receive investments from their community.

Rather than rely on traditional financial institutions and investors, we want to be more open. This crowdfund gives you the chance to own shares in &SISTERS and become an integral part of our story.

&SISTERS will be listed on Crowdcube, the Europe’s largest online crowdfunding platform

Do I get shares in the company?

Yes, every investor will receive shares in &SISTERS Limited. The number of shares you receive will be proportionate to the amount you invest. The final number of shares issued depends on the number of investors and amount of money raised. The shares themselves will be held in the Crowdcube Nominee structure which means you, as an investor, will be a beneficial owner of the shares and Crowdcube Nominee will be the shareholder. You can learn more about the Crowdcube Nominee structure by clicking here

When will your crowdfund start ?

We will notify anyone who registers their interest before the campaign goes live. Anyone that pre-registered will receive exclusive access to the campaign before it is made public.

How long will the crowdfund last?

The campaign will publically last up to 30 days, ending whenever we reach our investment target. If we reach our target early, we‘ll give notice 24 hours before the round closes. Please note, there is a limited amount of equity available in this round so we encourage you to invest as soon as the round opens.

What will you do with the money?

Having raised £800k+ so far, we are now raising to further develop our software, and scale our operations both domestically and internationally. Please see our business plan on our Crowdcube page when the pitch launches for more details.

What happens if you raise more than your target?

If we are fortunate to raise more than our target, we’ll use the extra investment to grow the company even more quickly than we currently plan. Raising investment above our target simply means we will have more shareholders and will be ‘giving away’ a larger percentage of our company.

When will the payment for my investment be taken?

Initially, your investment will be recorded as a pledge, meaning no money will leave your bank account. Following the successful completion of the campaign, Crowdcube will contact you to confirm the date that the money will be deducted from your account. You‘ll be given a minimum of seven days notice before money is taken from your account. This allows you to make funds available but also gives you a final opportunity to opt-out of the investment.

When will I receive my shares?

Crowdcube will issue statements of ownership after the successful completion of the campaign, once your investment has been processed. Completing the round and necessary paperwork takes a few weeks, but typically you can expect to receive your certificate of beneficial ownership around 4-6 weeks after the campaign has ended.

Can I trade/sell the shares I buy at a later date?

&SISTERS is a private limited company which means, at present, there is no public forum for buying and selling our shares. Shares may be bought and sold by private arrangement, however, you must first offer them to other shareholders before transferring them to a single third party at your own expense. You can lean more about how to sell your shares here

Are you likely to have a future share buyback scheme?

It’s possible, although no such plans are currently in place. This would be an opportunity for you to sell your shares.

Do you have a business plan?

Yes, our business plan (and financial overview) will be available on our Crowdcube campaign page. If, after reading it, you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll find our contact details supplied in the pack - we’re happy to answer all questions or supply any additional information.

How will I make a return on my investment?

It is important to understand that this is a long term investment. The main way that you can make money from your investment is by selling your share for more than you paid for it.

We are a private limited company, and our shares are therefore not publicly traded at present. In the event of a future sale of the company, you would be able to sell your shares to the acquiring company. Alternatively, if the business grows to a point where the company management/further institutional investors offer to buy back, you are also likely to be able to sell your shares.

New to investing and want to know what it is all about?

Find out how investing works here.