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Why switching to organic cotton is better for your health

Why switching to organic cotton is better for your health

&SISTERS uses only certified 100% organic cotton.

We have become increasingly disconnected with what we put in, and on, our bodies. This is especially true of sanitary products, for which current European legislation does not require brands to feature an ingredients list on packaging. It follows that the majority of manufacturers make little or no reference to what these products are made from. This is likely for a reason. Unsurprisingly then, women are often in the dark about what exactly comes into contact with their most intimate area each month. We commissioned research that threw this into sharp relief, with 80% of respondents incorrectly believing that mainstream sanitary products are made entirely from cotton. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of tampons and pads found in supermarkets and beauty retailers contain only a small amount of cotton. The primary component is Rayon, a synethetic fibre produced when wood pulp is bleached. What’s more, the treatment process produces dioxins as by-products, that have been linked to cancer and reproductive issues. Yes, this really is as concerning as it sounds. As the most absorbent part of the female body, it is crucial to understand what exactly we are inserting into our vaginas each month. Organic cotton tampons are better for both your body and the environment. Here are just 4 reasons why you should switch to &SISTERS products today.
  1. PURE – Organic cotton is naturally gentle, absorbent and breathable. The skin of the vulva is the most sensitive on a woman’s body and easily irritated by polypropylene, perfume and bleach, common ingredients in mainstream sanitary ranges. They’re often made from non-breathable, non-biodegradable man-made or synthetic fibres. Our 100% organic cotton is grown without the use of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.
  2. SUSTAINABLE – We only use organic cotton that has been grown and certified to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), the gold standard for the sustainable processing of products made from organically grown fibres. GOTS certification means that our cotton is pure, ethically sourced and made without chemical pesticides, forced labor, child labour, or unfair wages.
  3. BIODEGRADABLE – Unlike conventional pads, tampons and panty liners (which are often made from up to 90% crude oil plastics), &SISTERS period products are plastic free. This means that they are completely compostable and biodegradable. Every woman can use up to 17,000 period products during her lifetime, so avoiding sending these to landfill drastically improves your carbon footprint and goes towards helping to save the planet.
  4. SAFE – Whilst the exact causes of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) are unknown, there is extensive research to suggest a causal link with synthetic tampons. Increased absorbencies mean that women are leaving tampons in longer. This creates the conditions in which the TSS causing bacteria thrive. Using 100% organic cotton tampons are a safer alternative.

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