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FREE shipping when you spend over £20
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Let’s Get Nüdie: Period Care for the Planet

Listen up sisters, our newest product launch is helping female explorers make waves in the ocean plastic problem, while empowering menstruators to improve their period care.

Intrigued? Of course you are, you wonderful human.

Lets get nudie tee- £5 donated to eXXpedition all female voyages at sea

At &SISTERS, we’re advocates for menstruators and the environment, because our bodies and the planet are our only two homes. This is a mission that's bee

n embraced by many of our sisters. We’ve been thrilled that so many empowered menstruators are trying and loving our nüdie period cup, and we wanted to take things a step further. Our latest campaign has given us the opportunity to do just that. 


Introducing: Let’s Get Nüdie

Too many menstruators are scared to ask questions about their period care. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We all have queries about using a menstrual cup for the first time, but we may not know who to ask for advice - especially when we’re offered substandard teen health advice and have to watch blue cleaning fluid poured all over pads on TV adverts. Well not any more. It’s got to stop.

The Let’s Get Nüdie tee is a conversation starter. It’s for those period proud menstruators who are advocates for better period care and ending body shame. We’re starting a movement, and we’d love you to join in on the fun.
What’s more, we’re supporting two incredible organisations through this campaign… 



eXXpedition all female voyages at sea- tackling plastic pollution

The eXXpedition are an awe-inspiring team of multi-disciplinary experts who are exploring the dangers of ocean plastic. They conduct all-female voyages to research the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean and investigate solutions. 
Every crew is composed of women diverse in background, age and experience. Participants have ranged in age from 18 to 72 and have spanned 30 nationalities. 

£5 from each sale of our “let’s get nüdie” T-Shirt goes directly to these industry-leading explorations. We're proud to be funding this glorious charity who are truly making waves in the ocean preservation game.

Make Thread

Our tees are produced by Make Thread, a community-centric platform that specialises in eco-friendly production. The team formed in 2019 to bring design, social connections and ecommerce together- and we love their social approach to creation.

Make Thread was born out of a desire to design and manufacture quality products without harming our planet. As the 2020 winners of the Future Innovation Award, the production techniques Make Thread use are deemed exemplary. Zero-waste methods, ethically sourced apparel using premium organic cotton and recycled materials only make our Let’s Get Nüdie tee all the sweeter. The organisation is also a proud member of 1% For The Planet.

logo line up: exxpedition, make thread, GOTS, 16 million disposable period products aved

Why wear a Nüdie tee?

Periods may be personal, but when menstruators feel like they can't make informed choices about their bodies, periods become political, too. The "Let's Get Nüdie" organic cotton tee is a statement of support. It's a conversation starter that reminds people that it's great to ask questions about menstruation. 

Let's get nudie Organic Cotton T ShirtWe are part of a period positive revolution, that centres around sustainability, education and freedom of choice. The “let’s get nüdie” bundle is now available to purchase on our website. Remember to tag us and show us how you get nüdie at @and.sisters tagging #letsgetnüdie
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