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How to keep well while socially distancing

How to keep well while socially distancing

Since a sizable chunk of the British workforce headed home and went fully remote last week, many of us have gone a bit stir-crazy as we’ve spent most (or all) of our time at home. While the PM has stressed that we’ll need to practice social distancing for the next 12+ weeks, there is good news – in the wake of Covid-19, people from all backgrounds, races, genders and athletic abilities have joined forces to lift each other up through at-home exercise. We may be physically distant for now, but the pandemic has brought us together and healed divisions that had been widening for some time. The old adage must be true: every cloud has a silver lining!

Get moving

At &SISTERS HQ, we know that social distancing is vital in keeping us, our loved ones and vulnerable people safe – and there’s plenty to keep us occupied until restrictions have been lifted. From videos of down-to-earth yogis to celebrity fitness trainers, the internet is full of content that’ll inspire you to slip on your favourite pair of leggings and break a sweat, right from the comfort of your own home.


Support your local.

As of last week, all gyms and leisure centres have been ordered to close, but this hasn’t stopped local fitness centres from doing right by their students with online classes. Not only will attending a virtual yoga or HIIT class help your local small business during this time of financial strain, but it’ll help you stay connected to your wider community, even when you’re unable to leave the house.

Work out with your favourite influencer.

Whether you’re short on cash or you’d like to treat yourself to a virtual gym membership, the internet has something for you. YouTube is full of free fitness videos from influencers like Yoga with Adrienne, Kayla Itsines and Cassie Ho who’ve created top-notch content to keep you fit for the foreseeable future. If you feel like shelling out a few extra pounds for premium content, virtual wellness platforms like Alo Moves, Yogaia or Barrecore Online offer on-demand videos and a free 14-day trial.

Head outside (safely).

There’s nothing quite like a bit of sunshine. If you’re lucky enough to have a back garden, try practicing some calisthenics, sun salutations or gentle stretching outdoors. If you’re living in a flat, try meditating on your balcony or heading to a local park for a walk – for the time being, parks are safe spaces as long as you remain at least two metres from any person outside of your household.

Stay focused

To many, working from home (WFH) sounds like living the dream – we imagine getting an extra hour of shut-eye, eating home-cooked food three meals a day and cuddling our pet as we work. But as many of you will know by now, the novelty can wear off quickly as the reality of WFH sets in – barking dogs, Amazon deliveries and being just a few metres from the fridge can all threaten our ability to focus on the task at hand. At &SISTERS HQ, we work with freelancers who’ve mastered the art of WFH, and we’ve listed some of their top tips below.

Set boundaries.

When your house or flat is your office, your gym, your home and your local restaurant/bar, setting boundaries is crucial. Create a schedule for work, exercise, leisure, cooking and eating, and designate certain areas of your space for each activity. Be wary of working or eating from the couch or napping on your lunch break – your work/home life will become blurred, and you’ll soon find yourself sending work emails at midnight, and no one wants that.

Take breaks.

When you’re in the office, breaks are often taken in groups. When you WFH, you may find that without these social reminders to hit pause, you’ll work continuously until you switch off at night. Be sure to take a break for lunch, and try to get out for a walk when possible – taking breaks is proven to increase productivity, efficiency and general wellbeing.

Get social.

It’s easy to let hours pass without speaking to another human being when WFH, on the phone or otherwise. This is further complicated by social distancing restrictions, but you can still maintain social contact without making physical contact. Where possible, ask colleagues to touch base via video chat (we love Zoom!), or use your break to call your BFF while you munch on your lunch.

Remember, mental health is just as important as physical health. We’re all doing our best to navigate this uncertain time, so be kind to yourself and know that there is always someone to talk to, even if you’re self-isolating. We’ll always be here for you – if you have any questions about our period products or if you’d simply like to chat, drop us a line at

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