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How Long do Period Pants Last?

How Long do Period Pants Last?

Wondering if a pair of reusable period pants are worth the investment? Afterall, they’re a pricey outlay (however, over time you’ll definitely save on period care!) and you need to be confident in your decision. How long do period pants even last? Are they worth the expenditure? We’ve got you covered, here’s the debrief on period-proof pants…

How Long do Period Pants Last?

A pair of nüdie period pants, when looked after correctly, will last around 100 washes. We recommend anyone who wishes to make the swap to period pants to own a few pairs so they have something to swap into whilst the most recently worn pair are in the wash. Curious for more care information? Read our blog on how to wash your pants.

For example, if you wash your pants twice during each period (that’s 24 washes a year), you’ll reach 100 washes around the four year mark .So, imagine that: zero disposable period products for 3-4 years.

Did you know that 1 in 5 pieces of plastic found on a UK beach is a tampon? And we flush 700,00 liners, 2.5 million tampons & 1.4 million pads every single day. By simply swapping to reusable period pants, you’re saving over 400 disposable period care products from ever ending up in a landfill or the beach.

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Top Tips for Looking After Your Reusable Period Pants

  • Ensure you give them a cold water rinse before & after every wear.
  • Follow our guide on how to wash & dry your period pants.
  • Don’t tumble dry or iron your pants as this will damage the absorbent core layer.
  • Air dry your pants on a clothes dryer or outside.
  • Don’t use any fabric conditioner or bleaches, use gentle soap instead.

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Got more questions on period pants? Check out our ultimate guide to period pants or drop us a message at

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