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Bad Period Cramps at Night? Here’s What to Do...

Bad Period Cramps at Night? Here’s What to Do...

You know the feeling: the end of a long day, you climb into bed ready for restful night’s sleep and you’re assaulted by an onslaught of throbbing period cramps. Why are menstrual cramps worse at night? As often with these things it’s not straightforward, it could be because at night you have no other distractions or because you’re more aware of how your body feels when you settle in for sleep. Want some tips on dealing with midnight menstrual cramps? Read on…

1. Reach for Water & Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Dehydration can make cramps worse, so getting your 8 glasses in is essential. Anti-inflammatory foods can also help to promote blood flow and relax your uterus. Think berries, leafy green veg and fatty fish.

healthy food


2. Don't Ignore the Power of Exercise

A good run before bed pumps you full of endorphins which can counteract pain. Coupled with yoga which targets abdominal and lower back muscles that are most impacted by period pain, and exercise is a potent combination to reduce your period pain.

women doing yoga


3. Take a Hot Bath Before you Go to Bed

Hot baths relax your muscles as heat encourages blood vessels to expand and then increases blood flow. Period cramps come from tension, so relaxing your muscles helps to reduce cramping. 

 bath in neutral colours


4. Find Pain Medication that Works for You

Whether ibuprofen, paracetamol or CBD oil, taking pain medication to lull you to sleep with less pain can help you get through the night. Always consult your doctor before you take any medication, just to be on the safe side. 

 pharmacy sign

 reusable nudie period pants

5. Try Massage

Massage therapy is very effective in reducing muscular tension. Focus on the lower back muscles just before she goes to bed, with gentle movement from your thumbs. 

 woman getting massage


6. Use a Hot Water Bottle

Using a hot water bottle can help with period cramps. If you don't like hot water bottles, try heat pads. Just remember to remove the heat source before you drift off to sleep, prolonged exposure to heat can cause burns and other safety risks.

 hot water bottle


7. Adopt the Foetal Position

Sleeping in foetal position relaxes your abdominal muscles & joints surrounding the uterus, which helps alleviate the cramps in your belly. If you find this uncomfortable, try popping a small pillow between your knees for extra support.

 woman sleeping


8. Wear the Best Period Care Overnight to Avoid Leaking

Waking up and realising you’ve leaked is not a great feeling. If you have woken up to a leak, don't panic. Make sure you read our guide to cleaning blood off your mattress. 

Encourage a stress-free sleep by wearing period care that’s designed to be comfortable and leak-proof. Some like to stick to organic cotton pads, they're soft, breathable & what they're used to. Others love wearing their menstrual cup, safe for up to 12 hours, our nüdie cup is ideal for sleeping. However, if you’ve got a particularly heavy flow we advise popping on a pad too, just in case.  

shop organic cotton period care

If you’re not into an insertion method, we also have our nüdie pants. Soft, absorbent and super comfy, they’re the ultimate nighttime period product. Working like a dream, they work just like your normal underwear but absorb up to 4 tampons worth of fluid. As they can be worn for up to 10 hours, they’re ideal for those long menstrual nights.

period pants

Remember, man
y of us put up with period pain when we shouldn't. If you're continuously suffering & can't find a method to help alleviate the symptoms, it's worth seeking a doctor's advice and ensure that there is nothing more serious at play. 

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Marianna - July 26, 2023

I have the absolute worst cramps and nothings helping I’m 12 and I just wanna be able to sleep

Cassidy - July 12, 2023

I suffer with bad period pains and I can’t sleep I find sleeping on my back with a hot water bottle on my stomach works quite well. I hope this helps girls/women that suffer with the same problem 👍

sophia - June 26, 2023

i’m only 15 and when i get my cramps i can’t even do anything for the first two days and day two is the wrost out all of the days

ella - June 15, 2023

it’s currently 00:19 and I’m struggling to sleep…. I am sat up in bed with a tea and a hot waterbottle and some ice cold water trying to cal. my cramps down…. but nothings working…. plus I wear tampons to bed is that OK??? I honestly hate having periods….

Taliya - June 15, 2023

I have the worst pains ever i cant even sleep no idea what to do and i am only 11 and when i was ten it was worse because i was throwing up but i cant even sleep

lorelei - April 27, 2023

i have the worst cramps and im only 12

Kellyann - March 31, 2023

Omg the cramps I got was so sore last night and now 😫😫

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