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Blood Stain Hacks Debunked- Do Home Remedies for Blood Stains Actually Work?

Hacks, Remedies, Science Experiments. Whatever you call them- the question is do they actually work?

When it comes to cleaning up blood stains, we have been left to our own devices without an appropriate product for so long it is unsurprising that the internet is full of blood stain home remedies. If it’s in your kitchen or cleaning cabinet, it’s likely the internet says there is some way you can use it to clean up the dreaded blood stain. Problem is, when we read these hacks they rarely come with warnings about potential pitfalls. So here they are, the most common blood stain remover hacks debunked...

White Vinegar

White vinegar home remedy to get rid of blood stains


While relatively good on the eco front, white vinegar is acidic so can set some stains in & corrode the rubber bits of your washing machine. White vinegar also does not play well with others- so steer well clear of anyone telling you to mix with bleach or even baking soda.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide home remedy to get rid of blood stains


Very similar to bleach. Expect to remove the original stain but be left with a new lighter stain in its place. Hydrogen peroxide again doesn’t play well with others, avoid mixing with other ingredients as you may create a nasty chemical if you are not careful.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Baking soda home remedy to get rid of blood stains


Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda is much better at neutralising acids than blood, which is slightly alkaline. The result will likely be sore elbows but little stain removal.


Lemons home remedy to get rid of blood stains

Nature's bleacher. Expect too white whites and too white everything else as well. 

Cola & Mentos

Cola and mentos home remedy to get rid of blood stains

We are as confused as you are on this one? Expect a sticky mess.

So stop panic mixing random ingredients in your kitchen & stain-proof your period with remüvie™ Intimate Stain Remover.


remüvie period and blood stain remover to get rid of blood stains

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